An endless passion for music, for videography,
for photography, for people, for life.

Cael Dadian is a 20-year-old San Diego based Pop/R&B singer, songwriter, and producer. You can catch Cael performing at the San Diego Fair, The House of Blues, or LA’s El Ray Theater. When he’s not he’s most likely producing beats with the likes of Atlanta’s Danny Wolf, Brandon Thomas, and many more breakout Hip-hop producers.

Cael keeps himself busy designing his own clothing, directing his videos, creating his music from top to bottom, doing photography for major brands, and is always staying one step ahead of his peers. He is as well rounded as a 20-year-old could possibly be and bringing extremely fresh sounds and perspectives to the table with every project he delivers by studying new and old artists and constantly blending genres together. His goal is to use his vulnerabilities as his strengths and be the honesty and sincerity the music game is missing. Cael is a name to watch for in 2017.